Masquerade by Charles Hermans


By: Alexa Henry 


It all starts in the form of beauty where nevertheless beauty is identified by her
dreadful unsatisfied ´´friend´´ greed and misplaces her.
The enjoyment of futile moments, morbid kisses and wicked secrets between
Lord A, Mistress C, Paper transfer from Priest T to Senator Y, Lord B desiring Lord G and so on…
Also let’s not forget the tremendous emptiness between the pending divorce of
power and politics, which by the sounds of it we hope the relationship ends up in
a gruesome outcome just the way they started.


The lack of molding properly a society is something that we have certainly seen throughout this rigid times as the only irrational way of response, yet no Lord or Noveau rich wants to stop kissing the fluffy numerical paper they receive by this notoriously evil couple that so much inflates the phantom accounts daily.


The so-called ‘’ democracy, republicans, masquerades, clownicans’’ these regimes confirm the structures of order being quite ´´successful´´, but the most important aspect of it all is the protagonism it receives through the ´´outstanding´´ media we cohabit nowadays, they are in charge of showcasing the so-called ´´achievement´´ we can evidently admire because of the ´´excessive wisdom and morality´´ existing in our civilizations and let’s not forget how ´´emotionally prosperous´´ the society is.


Its quite obvious how insufficient attention there is to the real human need, how through all this time we have been socially living with the same rigidity of 100 years ago even in education and still this mass control movements think ‘’history and older obsolete papers´´ of 100 years ago are still the way to conform. This unadaptable regimes and teachings were meant to be the guidance of a country on the time they were created. Hundreds of years later these papers are not meant to be applied inside a society whereby naturality the theory of infinite evolution and transformation is unavoidable, implying that social distribution of values and moralities are meant to be flexible and adapt to the new individuals that inevitably transformed genetically too.


I do ask myself how is the beauty going to result from the picture, how is this dance and festivity of the Masquerade going to have a better outcome instead of the dreadful secrets of dissatisfaction and miserable greed.


Let’s just think for a moment and give this redaction a twist…
What if the side of greed was overshadowed by the side of beauty…
You tell me…


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Special dedication to Zygmunt, thank you for being an inspiration.