To define life is to lie por Mercedes Moreno

Artista desconocido

To define life
Is to lie.
How can you give name to your own existence?
If yours and mine are not the same
Don´t lie

We were dropped in the universe
As salmons in a river
Expected to create waves,
As stones on water…
And we scarcely survive.

We were told to live a life that makes us happy:
In Earth,
This word barely knows happiness
Occupied by humans, with no humanity.

My grandma taught me
That love is the great light we all search
Yet, some get lost on the pursuit

She told me don´t stop giving
Sure a thing I’ve done
But every time I give
I found my self in a mad word

Heartless people
Who´s definition of sharing is to show Instagram stories
This fake being that destroys its own home
Unborn children. Stolen trees.
Scream scream scream.

And I don’t know what life is
Or what it feels to be alive
All I know,
Is what it feels to be loved.

So maybe my grandma is right,
We all get lost.
One thing I know:
sharing means to give, and
love is to believe that there is no broken heart without a cup of tea.
So let’s lie and define life as the biggest piece of ART:
Beautiful complexity made of words that help us describe
what life is to all of us.
Let’s all remember
to define is to limit and to feel is to live.

Author: Mercedes Moreno
Instagram: @meches.moreno